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Estate Planning

Prepare for the future with your family's lawyer

Chad Fuss, Esq.

Call or Text: 503-908-5457

I'm a family man with more than 10 years experience in civil litigation. I value your time and money and want to make sure that you receive the services you need quickly and affordably.  

Please, let me help you to protect your loved one's future and get you back to what's most important, your family. 

I offer free consultations and affordable estate planning and will creation.



One of the last things that people want to think about is the day they die, but waiting to plan for that day can cost your family time and money. Let me help you plan your will. You will feel so much relief knowing that your children will be financially taken care of and in the home of your choice if that day were to ever come.

Low cost for simple wills.


Car accidents are some of the most stressful and intense situations a family can go through especially with children. Before you say you are not injured or that there is very little damage, reach out to me. Often people are in shock after an accident and don't realize the actual physical damage to their car and themselves until days later. 

Affordable help when you need it.


Business liability, backyard trampoline, in home swim lessons, aggressive previous client, reach out to me with your risk management issues. It's always better to know what you are getting into or how to work with a bad situation than to just assume it will be fine or go away on its own. 


I am a licensed attorney in Oregon, Washington, Nevada, California, Nebraska, and Florida. I presently handle estate planning and civil litigation clients with experience in both Defendant's and Plaintiff's personal injury, business creation, and contract negotiation. I have experience taking cases through arbitration, mediation, trials, and appeal (when necessary).


"Chad helped me with my will, it was quick and easy. I don't know why I put off doing it for so long."

Estate Planning

Jace Payne

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